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Blankie Boo and Baby Makes Two

Blankie Boo and Baby Makes Two is a lighthearted story about a babies blankie who has been waiting his entire life to finally meet, protect and love "his" baby.

This first book in a series will introduce you to Blankie Boo your child's first friend, protector and love. Does your child have a favorite blankie or stuffed animal they just couldn't be without? Well this story is for them. 

My daughter Kyra received her Blankie Boo at my baby shower- before she was even born. I knew when I opened that present that Blankie would end up being her favorite and I was right. Kyra took Blankie Boo everywhere- to the park, beaches, parties even to Disney World. And if Blankie Boo ever went missing it was like the world was ending! Take a look at the photos page to see some of the places Blankie Boo has visited and post your photos too. 

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